Tuesday, February 19, 2008

back on the 44th parallel

Its been hectic lately, to say the least. I'll save the uninitiated with the details, but let's just say a trip to the 44th parallel was just what I needed to gain a bit of perspective.

We managed to avoid the presidents day crowd for one solid day of telemarking at Sugarbush. Enough time to convince myself that I did indeed retain what I learned over break, as well as remind me just how much your legs can hurt from 4 hours of droppin' knees.

Saturday was brisk and sunny, a study of perfection in the state that will always hold my heart.

Madison had a chance to meet her aunt Maggie, who was utterly unimpressed and rather stressed to have a bouncing puppy in her face constantly.

Vermont always reminds me of how complex our connection with place is - how much our personal geography shapes our state of mind.

Its time for transitions - for forward motion. Its time to expand our geography.

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