Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It has been a week

I awoke with a start last Tuesday morning at around 4:00 am, convinced Sarah had shaken me awake. As I rolled over to see what the deal was I realized that Sarah was out of town - I was alone. Strange, I thought, that I could've sworn someone was there.

I rolled back over, and just as my eyes closed the phone rang. Normally I don't keep my cell phone in the bedroom, but for some reason tonight I was compelled to. It was my Aunt Karen.

"Jordan...Your Dad is Gone."

After a valiant two year fight with lung cancer, my father has passed away. I'm left now with the memory of his sheer strength, his kindness and the memories that shaped who I am. He brought me to the outdoors, gave me a true appreciation for the serenity of nature, and inspired me to weather even the darkest storms.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Madison's Three Seconds of Fame

Our little rascal got filmed for Boston Magazine's Best of Boston video shoot while we were shopping at Petsmart last month. The crew insisted they get a shot of her even though she wasn't staying at the pet hotel. She's in at about 1:15.