Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jiminy Peak Road Race

After a weekend off for racing I was averagely excited for a back to back campaign. With names like Jiminy Peak and Blue Hills Classic how can a six-foot-two 154 pounder resist?

Jiminy Peak was a 3 lap, 90 km race. The organizers would have you believe that the 4% grade followed by 7% to the finish was perhaps the most brutal thing west of Alp D'huez. The only thing remotely exciting about this race was the potential for a massive downpour and the near zero visibility fog we drove through on the way out. The race rolled out into a solid 10 miles of downhill rollers before climbing back up and going down again. Nick flats in the first lap. RMM flats sometime after. Craig falls off the back. So far it was looking to be a real bang up day for the CB 4 squad.

That leaves, well, me, alone and confused in a world of non stop failed downhill attacks. Why must every cat 4 assume that he needs to attack when he feels good?

Read: On the downhill, when, well, everyone feels good.

But, for fairness sake, I decided I'd jump in on one just to see what all the rage was about. It was decidedly pointless, but at least I hit the season's top race speed at a hair under 53 mph.

By the end I was bored, more sore than I should've been, and couldn't hold my own in the uphill field sprint. I finished somewhere in the top 25 (I think - why can't road races get their results up like cross races) and was the only CB4 racer to make it across the line.

We capped the day off with some local fare with some of the Kissena riders from NYC and headed home with no intent to return next year.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat - Blue Hill Classic Report is on deck.

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