Friday, July 6, 2007

Busy past few weeks

Crazy past 10 days. I've finally rid myself of the Grand Prix - anyone who had ridden in it was made very aware of my distaste with that automobile. When you can finally bring yourself to get over the embarrassment of being an environmental academic who drives a car, you at least want that car to fit your lifestyle. Not to say that the Pontiac wasn't off entirely - the car was given to me (I'm opportunistic), and the peripherals constantly broke, giving me constant inspiration for complaint (I'm a cynic). Its the end of an era. I'm now the proud owner of a 2002 Subaru Outback, slightly more suited to the better parts of my lifestyle, and less likely to leave me stranded on 89.

The Pontiac did go out with a bang - not just the blown out tire on the way home to get the outback - but a good 1000 miles of driving in a week or so. The 4th was spent in Warren enjoying a pleasant amount of political dissonance at the annual 4th of July parade. On the 5th we were able to drag Kyle up to the top of Camel's Hump on a slightly epic hike.

The 6th saw us spend one night in Boston before departing for the Catskills for a party with our friends the Tarlofsky's (NYC residing film producer) at their house near Kingston. Simply put, there were many characters (think San Fernando Valley), and a good time was had.

Back to reality for a few days now as I try to catch up on this consulting gig for the World Bank (it likely sounds more exciting than it is). Biggest news of the week is the official beginning of the Cambridge Bicycle Track Team. Tomorrow will be my first week back to the track in quite a while for the NH State Amateur Games, race report to come.

By the way - I've got a blog now.

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