Thursday, July 19, 2007

long walks and sketchy cities

Yesterday's rainy weather forced the cancellation of the New Hampshire Amateur Games, and coerced me out for a much-needed run. Took an easy pace near fresh pond for a 45 min effort. Not quite where I was a few weeks back, but that happens. Why concern myself with running? I often ask myself that question. There are a few answers: First off, I'm terrible at it--always have been. Secondly, in less than two weeks we depart for a 270 mile backpacking trip along the Long Trail in Vermont.

For the uninitiated, the Long Trail traverses the length of Vermont crossing the largest peaks of the Green Mountains. The trail starts just north of Williamstown, MA, and ends in North Troy, VT, and was the first wilderness trail in the US. We're shooting for a leisurely 22 to 25 day itinerary (which I still need to figure out) with one stop at Sarah's in Warren as we come through the Lincoln Gap. I'm hoping that I glean some sort of fitness benefit from the 8 hours a day of level 1 work, and manage to keep some weight on my bones. I'll post more about the prep as it happens.

The tour moved into Marseille yesterday - and Versus spent a good portion of their coverage spewing flattery for a city that is in the top 3 sketchiest places I've ever visited in my life. While the harbor islands are beautiful, the city is full of beggars - often proudly displaying open, rotting wounds, or lacking limbs all together.

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