Thursday, July 19, 2007

To Protect and Swerve

I was riding home from SEI over on the Tuft's campus today for lunch when I was passed on Cameron Ave by a black Jeep. It was your standard car-pass-bike maneuver that puts you on guard for the impending stupidity of the driver. Sure enough my instincts were correct, as said drive made an attempt to make an abrupt right hand turn in front of me. As I swerved to avoid the collision I offered a firm open hand to the rear quarter panel of the jeep. As I got within view of the driver, fully prepared for an angry confrontation - "Hey you hit my car, wtf??" - I was surprised (but not really) to find the driver wearing the uniform of a Boston Police Officer.

Now I remember why I didn't call the cops when I was hit in June. If you ride in Boston be sure you're familiar with Massachusetts' General Laws Chapter 85 section 11b, so when a cop, or in my case Hanover Insurance, tries to claim you were breaking the law when you're cut off by a car, you can calmly tell them exactly why they're wrong. And when they still deny your claim, which they will, then you hire a lawyer.

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