Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Boston Boldsprints

Of course all the hill intervals and training crits you can do don't amount to jack if you don't get yourself down to the Boston Boldsprints - All out beer fueled roller-races at All Asia in Cambridge. Despite being a Monday night there was a decent turnout, and of course DJ Mayhem spinning tunes. Last time my qualifying run was well out of the top 8, but this time I was able to clock a roughly 45 second time that stood in the third for most of the night. That was until Nick knocked me into 4th with his beer chugging no hands effort. On to the quarter finals where I edged out Mur by a mere .25 seconds.

I couldn't hold it against the MIT kids in the semi finals (these kids are fast), though I'm pretty content with racing 3 times. Josh from MIT finished on top pushing a 51x13 - well over 100 gear inches! The next sprint in the series is on April 20th, 6:30 pm at All Asia, come on out and feel the pain.

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