Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weekend wrap up

After wiping myself out early in the week from a all too cold and snowy ride I picked myself up for the weekend. Saturday, Dan Watts and I got out for a seemingly gorgeous ride. That was until Dan found himself flatting twice, exhausting our rather limited supply of tubes, patches and Co2 cartridges, and effectively stranding us by Walden Pond. Thankfully we had one cell phone, with limited battery of course, and two women to call. Girlfriends: 1 Wifes: 0.

Sunday morning I rocked Wells Ave for my first official road race. For the uninitiated, Wells has gone on for a long time, history, blah blah blah, you don't care. The real question is, can you make a race report about a race where you ride in a circle (there's only one real corner, but its not that real since you can pedal through it) as exciting as a cross race report?

Probably not. At least not Wells. Granted, the massive pile up that destroyed fellow CB teammate Erik Peterson's wheels and custom IF fork was exciting in that nauseating sort of way, its still not quite the epic battle that is every cross race.

The B race went off pretty quick, and fell into a serious yo-yo rhythm. Someone knocked my front wheel and sent me careening into the other lane. I held it upright, with a one-leg-flailing-off-the-bike balancing act. I took about 20 minutes of breakaways, that were totally unnecessary for race strategy, but fun for testing my fitness. Ultimately it was a pack finish, and a killer workout.

Team CB setting the pace

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